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Pre-primary- Primary

These foundation grades focus on the beginning steps in ballet while developing the young child's imagination, physical development, co-ordination and musicality.

Classes are based on the old and new RAD syllabi, combined with free work.

Grade 1- 8 ballet classes

The RAD graded syllabi consist of classical ballet, free movement and character dance(Russian, Hungarian or Polish)

The syllabus is used along side free exercises to develop the students' classical technique and performance as well their versatility in other styles and their use of expression and musicality.


Following the ISTD Syllabi as well as free work and un-set modern music, this dance genre explores movement in a more free way often involving more natural steps and movements.

Flexibility and strength as well as expression and musicality is developed throughout the grades. 


Ballet classes begin with barre work to centre the body and warm it up in preparation for the rest of the class.

Centre practice then follows before port de bras, pirouettes, adage, allegro and pointe-work if appropriate.


For those who are strong and able enough to go en pointe.

At the moment we have a half hour class dedicated to purely pointe-work where those who want to can focus on the technique and steps involved en pointe.

This is vital for those who want to go on to complete the vocational exams and also an opportunity to experience ballet as it is usually seen in classical work on the stage.


Based on the Body Arts and Science International framework of mat Pilates. Pilates is a body conditioning form of exercise that uses small but precise movement phrases to balance the body as well as improving strength, flexibility and core control.

Pilates is an invaluable tool for dancers and great form of exercise for non-dancers. Classes can be purely Pilates or at times brought into the ballet class or used as a warm up.

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