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Miss Laura Addison

BA(Hons)Ballet Education; LRAD, RADrts, ARAD, Qualified BASI mat Pilates teacher

Laura grew up in Oxford and completed the 3 year degree in Ballet Education at the London headquarters at the Royal Academy of Dance. She was able to complete her Advanced 2 vocational exam as well as gaining her RAD teacher’s status.

She achieved her Licentiate of the RAD for which she studied the entire RAD syllabi and how it should be correctly performed and completed her BASI mat Pilates teacher training. Laura is now a freelance dance teacher in Oxford and became the Principal of Oxford City School of Dance in January 2010.


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Miss Hannah Wilkinson

BA(Hons)Ballet Education; LRAD, RADrts, ARAD

Hannah is a graduate of the BA(Hons) in Ballet Education, completed at London headquarters at the Royal Academy of Dance. She has completed her Advanced 2 Ballet and currently teaches for us on Fridays and Saturdays.

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Miss Elspeth Wilson

Certificate in Ballet Teaching Studies (CBTS) 

Elspeth is an RAD Registered Teacher having graduated from the Royal Academy of Dance’s Certificate in Ballet Teaching Studies. She had been dancing in Oxfordshire since she was three years old, has obtained her Grade 8 and Advanced 1. She has also attended Durham University, graduating with a degree in Natural Sciences and is now working as a freelance ballet teacher. 

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Miss Netta Walker

Certificate in Ballet Teaching Studies (CBTS) 


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